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what i do...

Hi and welcome to my world!

Thanks for taking the time to come and find me. At you will find everything you need to know about me, where I am and all the news from my travels in Formula One and all the other sports and programmes I will be working on. If you have any questions please get in touch through the contact section.

So, I have the fantastic "job" of travelling to every Formula 1 Grand Prix for the BBC as their Pit Lane reporter and occasionally Presenter. Basically, I spend my weeks interviewing some of the fastest men on the planet! I also head off between races filming, getting a glimpse of their lives away from the track and find out what makes them tick.

I have covered lots of sports and major news stories in my years of journalism. From the Lockerbie Trial and General Elections to Formula One to Horse Racing, Tennis to Super Bikes and even Sports News to the Six O'clock news - I am a journalist who has moved off the pages and on to the television. I have worked for ITV, Sky Sports and Sky Sports News. One crazy scheme even saw me getting my International co-driving licence and competing in the World Rally Championship! In the last couple of years as well as the F1, I’ve also presented on BBC Scotland’s outdoor show Landward.

My passion away from work is anything to do with horses. I have ridden all my life and still find time to help my family in competitions around the UK. I’m also an active supporter of World Horse Welfare.

If that is not enough, I still look after some drivers outside of F1 doing their PR and keeping them on the right route to the big time.  It also gives me a chance to try and spot some of stars of the future.

I have a lot of interests outside of motorsport and you can read about them on my lifestyle and travel blog



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my diary...

Formula One....But not as we know it

posted by Lee McKenzie on 15/03/2014

This winter, Formula One has undergone what is widely regarded as the most sweeping rule changes since the championship started in 1950. It's still Formula One, but not as we know it! Here are the top 10 things Iím looking forward to most this season... Read more...

End of the season. End of an Era...

posted by Lee McKenzie on 01/12/2013

So here we are at the end of another season but also the end of Formula One as we have recognised it in recent years. Whether or not we like the idea of V6 engines and the end of the V8 era, to make the sport less of a Vettel/Newey private party, wholesale rule changes are the way forward..... Read more...

Vettel Wins 4th Title

posted by Lee McKenzie on 28/10/2013

In the past it has been easier for doubters to dismiss the achievements of Vettel but the facts are there. Red Bull and Adrian Newey had not won a Grand Prix in the 3 years together before Sebastian Vettel arrived at the team. There is no doubt the current package is formidable but he still has to put it all together when it matters and he does..... Read more...

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