Missing Out?

Thursday 21 May 2020

It is a strange time. I am feeling positive and healthy which is great and then odd days come along which leave me feeling out of sorts.  I am hugely sympathetic and concerned for everything going on with the pandemic and then feel guilty for wishing things weren’t cancelled - a wedding, work or holiday.  Maybe that’s normal in that we are all in this together and yet, 9 weeks in, we will all have missed out on something we were looking forward to.

For me, this should have been a wonderful week - two of my favourite events of the year in the space of 24 hours. I am meant to be in Monaco as I write this. I would have filmed and worked on the Grand Prix during the week, zoomed over to Marseille to present another favourite of mine, the Heineken Champions Cup final which should have been happening in Marseille this Saturday and then headed back to Monaco on the Saturday night to be ready for the Grand Prix on Sunday. Not only a bumper week of sport for me but also for Channel 4.

Many of my friends live in Monaco and whilst I visit a lot, there is no better time to catch up with everyone. It is a bit like the pub on Christmas Eve, you just know that everyone is home and will be there at the same time.

I have enjoyed catching up with friends on zoom and FaceTime and I have perfected the art getting dressed and looking smart from the waste up.

I came to Scotland for lockdown so I can spend it with my Mum. There have been many realisations. I seem to do everything in 5s. I rotate 5 outfits, 5 meals and 5 walks. I know when the bin men arrive, I know the postman won’t be here until after lunch and I know that if I don’t get to the local shop before 10am then I won’t get the newspapers I want (this has been solved by be reserving some instead incase I am feeling lazy, sorry working early!)

I am very much enjoying the series ‘Kickin It with Dan Carter’ that I have been part of, as mentioned in the last post. We have had some real rugby greats on to chat to and I really hope it continues lockdown or no lockdown.  You can watch it on my social media platforms.

There is talk of schools opening, sport starting and some shops opening. For now we just need to be patient, sit back and wait…. enjoy looking back at holiday photos, be thankful it’s summer and not winter so we can sit outside. It’s the little things and for the moment, that’s all we have.


Lee x

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Missing Out?